What is 3NVR

3NVR is a system with car parks will have a video surveillance control.

This video surveillance system consists of hardware and software. The hardware are video cameras for parking, with different features to suit the needs of each car park. The surveillance management software will record, display and manage videos captured by the cameras, getting a full car park control for good surveillance parking.

3NVR architecture



Software responsible for receiving videos of cameras and bollards connected to the system.


License Plate Capture

The bollards, placed in each road, contains a camera to see the vehicle’s license plate.
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Distributed over the facility or specific areas of it, they capture live images and are programmable.



Video recorder, which stores all images captured by the cameras, can view them later.


ePOS system

It os possible to view the images from the POS or surveillance booth.



NAS can be integrated into the system  to store captured videos remotely.



Se puede añadir en el sistema de forma opcional un RAID para el almacenamiento de los vídeos.


Mobile app

The system allows to view live images via mobile phone or tablet.

Video surveillance cameras

The cameras automatically record all movements, with a great image quality. All of them are connected to the software, which collects all generated videos.


We have different video cameras models according to the needs of each installation, can be wall or ceiling with different angles of vision, or the ability to record under low luminosity.

camaras de videovigilancia

Software Recording and viewing

3NVR integrates a software from which it is possible to manage and control all videos captured by the cameras. The software shows in real time the images, being recorded on the hard drive. Here are some of its features detailed.

  • Record up to 72 channels H.264 / JPEG or DVR / NVR cameras.
  • Up to 1080P dual monitor.
  • It supports continuous recording, programming and motion detection.
  • Live video with alarm pictures.
  • File RAID, RAID network and video.
  • Remote playback.
  • Integrated alarm management.
  • Web server for live video.
  • Supports iPhone and Android phones
  • Grouping devices
  • IP Speed Dome Control
  • Export recorded video to AVI file format
  • Calendar and time selection for video playback
  • User configurable levels
  • Complete records of events
  • Two Way Audio and Recording
  • Digital zoom, ePTZ device and ROI



Alarm Management and Video on map

  • 1. Alarm Snashot
  • 2. Flashing place Alarm
  • 3. Cameras icons
  • 4. Multiple Video
  • 5. Alarm with Live Video
  • 6. Alarm Receiving Live
  • 7. Change Alarm Map
  • 8. Representation Map

Solution for shops and distributors

  • 9. Transactions Live
  • 10. Playing Video Text
  • 11. Smart Search
  • 12. Alarm / timeline recorded
  • 13. List of Events
  • 14. Schedule of Events