Double C compact turnstile

A steel turnstile for access control to authorized persons. This is a modern equipment through a push button or with the electronic readers and desired, enables the collection of data and has the function of physical block.

Perfect to be installed in any environment that you need an access control, the turnstile controls with precision and safety of people step into restricted areas. You have control of unlocking unfriendly by arm fall.

It brings together on the same equipment all the functions for the perfect access control on commercial establishments, sports centers, stadiums, public and private centers. This access control equipment carries out the arm lock in the desired direction.


  • Pictogram available that indicates the direction of rotation released
  • Main switch release device in one or another sense can be
  • Drop arms to interrupt the power supply or when the emergency button is pressed
  • Lateral location for readers of proximity in each of the sides
  • Opening from the top of the head through key and easy access to the mechanism
  • Opening side doors through easy access to connections key

Technical specifications

Environmental conditions and electric

  • Working temperature: – 20 ° C  / +75 ° C
  • Electric working temperature: – 15 ° C / +75 ° C
  • Voltage: 50 Hz/60 Hz 110/220V±10%
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Work humidity: ≤90%


  • Mechanical counter of people
  • Electronics TCPIP or RS232 / RS485
  • Controllers
  • Readers – Software Access Control – 3ACCESS

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