“My employees steal the at cash register”

“Cars disappear from the daily billing”

This is the reality that small car parks’s owners have, which currently suffer a serious problem in their billing: money disappears.

Its typology is always the same, car parks with a reduced number of spaces and a medium / medium-low vehicles’s accesses with manual operation. It is the employee himself who controls all the tickets that are produced at each access of a vehicle.

The low budget that these types of car parks usually have don’t allow them to buy a traditional parking control. And combined with their manual operation, makes the car park a machine to lose money.

The problem: Theft and cash point fraud

The manual operation is the cause of all this billing problematic, being the incomes lower than they really should be.

By controlling the vehicles manual, without any kind of automatic registration, is the car park employee who has under his control all the transactions that has been made during the day. To gain extra money, some employees don’t register the access of some vehicles, keeping in their pocket the income, without going to the cash register. This is a problem that affects especially in the Latin American countries, because the car parks are mostly of this type.

To this problem with the employees is added the disappearance of some cars at the daily billing, that leave the car park without paying. It’s a rarely fraud, but it is also there.

On the other hand, the parking systems available on the market aren’t thought for small car parks. The most of these technological solutions offer very powerful systems focused on the management and the control of large car parks, they aren’t fitted for small car parks.

The owners of these car parks can do nothing. They don’t have enough money to install a powerful car park system, and at the same time they don’t have this money because the losses they have. A catch-22 situation.

Solutions for small car parks: Automatic and remote control

i+D3 has develop a new control system that wants to offer final solutions for small car parks: the anti-fraud control system

The three keys on which this system is based are:

  • Automation of accesses and their registration at the moment.
  • Offer an economic system, including just the necessary equipment.
  • Remote control of the car park. The owner can know what happens in the car park wherever he is.

Automatic control access

solutions for small car parks

One of the most important goals with this system was born is to end any kind of fraud or theft produced by the employees and drivers. To get it, the system delete the manual operation of the car park, registering each access automatically.

Each access and each transaction are linking to the vehicle license plate. When a car approaches to the entry, a license plate reader will read the plate, registering the access in the system and opening the barrier automatically. From that moment the time of the stay starts counting.

To leave the car park, driver has to pay at the checkout point. Because the system is what has been counting the stay’s time linked to a license plate, it is impossible to incur any type of fraud.

Economic system

In a traditional car park system, the equipment is what usually increases the price.

To be able to offer a real solution for this small car parks, the anti-fraud control system includes only the essential for the correct operation. In this way, we can get a very tight price for all types of installations.

Remote online control of the car park

small car park control

All the parking system can be remote controlled by an online dashboard.

Wherever he has Internet, car park owner will be able to check the billing in real time, the number of cars inside the car park as well as the transactions of each license plate.

Control dashboard works as a mean to audit the local system, managing and monitoring the car park.

Thanks to this solution for small car parks it is possible to get a parking security never that has been never seeing, stopping any fraud.

If you want to get more information about the system, you can take a look our presentation. You can ask us for a quote without commitment by this form.