What is 3Security

Increasingly it becomes necessary to control and manage movements of people and / or vehicles at the entries and exits of certain facilities.

3Security is an access control and security system that combines two of our systems: 3NVR, offering a full management video surveillance and monitoring, and 3Access, access control for people and vehicles. All this allows us to offer a full control and monitoring service from a single system for different kinds of facilities.

3Security architecture


3Security Security in facilities

3Security security and access control system sets permissions that define groups of people in the accessibility level.

This requires that all people have a identification mean that works as access key to unlock the obstacles and allow the passage of the user, and a security guard to set these permissions. To enable an access and control into facilities the system checks:

  • The person has permission to enter through that door being inside the timetable.
  • Each access will be monitored and recorded by the system 3NVR video surveillance system.

3Access Access control

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A door is a very basic way to control access, and brings complications at the time the keys are lost (or stolen) without leaving any record of users who raffled it, without being able to control and manage facilities.

So 3Access born, a pedestrian access control system that handles enable users the entry into various areas of a facility, through different means of access and doors. It also allows the access control  to vehicles.


Access means

3Access offers an access control with a variety of options, adapting to the needs of each project. We have turnstiles, automatic wickets or full-height turnstiles, with proximity cards, fingerprint reader or license plate reader as access methods, among others.

3NVR Video surveillance

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3NVR is the video surveillance management system. It is responsible of monitoring the entire access control system, which involves monitoring the status of system devices, whether gates, barriers, turnstiles, readers, cameras, etc …

The system has in addition of the different models of cameras, a surveillance monitoring software that allows observes what happens in each access, and recording images to keep it.

Total monitoring

Any movement in the accesses with or without authorization will be controlled by security personnel and automatically recorded to monitor the facilities optimally.


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