4Park Office Parking control for office buildings and business

Parking control and management for office buildings

4Park Office is a control and management system for those car parks that are located in office buildings. Thanks to this control system, it will be possible to manage the companies that use the parking, as well as the places that will have available each one and the users who will be able to park in them.

4Park Office includes all the equipment and software necessary to have total control of parking spaces. Any user that is not registered in the system will be able to access the parking lot, and any company can exceed its limit of authorized places

In addition, if you have empty spaces, you can get a greater benefit from them, allowing the reservation of places to private users through your own website. And with our equipment for car parks you can convert your private car park in a public car park, obtaining benefit of the spaces not occupied by the companies.


4Park Office is a useful system for those office buildings that have a car park for companies, as well as for car parks of business centers.

  • Management of space for companies and users.
  • Parking access control.
  • Improves the security of the facilities.
  • Get benefits from your empty spaces.

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The best spaces control

Set the number of places available for each company and employees.

Without remote controls

Users access the parking lot by their license plate or mobile phone, offering the highest security.

Reports and statistics

You can generate reports of use of the parking lot by companies and users.

Components of parking control

sistema control parking oficinas


LPR Camera


A small camera identifies whether a vehicle can enter the parking lot, opening the barrier.


Control dashboard

Parking Monitoring System

Manages the companies, their number of available spaces and the drivers who can park.

Companies management and assigned parking spaces

control accesos parking empresas

Company 1

52 Spaces

They will not be able to park more than 52 employees, corresponding to the assigned spaces.

Company 2

26 Spaces

Unassigned spaces

52 Spaces

You can take advantage of your empty spaces, been available for particular.

abrir puerta garaje con movil

LPR BT Camera Enter to the car park by smartphone and license plate

See camera

4Park Office includes a small camera that is installed at each access to the car park. This camera identifies each vehicle, allowing access to the parking lot by license plate recognition or through an application installed on the user’s smartphone.

Absolute security

Any unregistered person can access into the car park.

Increased speed

The car arrives and the barrier opens instantly recognizing the vehicle.

camara control garaje

Access by license plate

The camera reads the license plate of the vehicle and opens the barrier or gate immediately if the person has permission to enter, and if the employee’s company has available places.

Access by smartphone

4Park Office allows to use the mobile phone as a remote control. It connects to the barrier using wireless technology and an app.

Parking Monitoring System

Control dashboard Accesses & companies management

4Park Office stands out for its high level of security. You will be able to control, monitor and supervise all the accesses that occur in the car park through a web dashboard, besides sign up or remove the companies that can park.

control garaje

Ease management

Fast and intuitive. Companies and employees can be sign up easily, establishing a limit of space for each one.

Total access control

The dashboard and the camera installed in the car park are in permanent connection. All the accesses to the car park are registered, with the license plate number, access date and a photography.


Generate occupancy reports by company and users.

control garaje panel

Monitor each access

Camera identifies by license plate each vehicle that enters into the garage, and transmits this information to the remote control dashboard, where you will be able to see all the images and data of the accesses produced.

Additional module

Booking website Take advantage of your empty squares

Get a benefit from those parking spaces that aren’t assigned to any company. You can have your own booking website, from which private drivers can book a space in your car park for a few hours or days and pay their stay in advance.

More and more users are looking for where to park on the Internet. With 4Park Office, we open you the way to this new market, achieving more visibility and more customers.

Hundreds of potential customers

Evolution of number of people looking for "car parking in madrid".


Success stories

July 2017

Car Park in Atocha Car Park in El Prat
Visits 3.491 10.865
Bookings 464 1.104
Income 12.053,70€ 40.440,00€



Additional module

Equipment day&day access an charges

See equipment

Open your car park to the public and offer your available parking spaces. In i+D3 we have all the latest technology parking equipment necessary for the perfect operation and control.

We design and produce our own equipment, offering solutions for all types of facilities.

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