4Park PRO The only parking control system that brings you more cars

Car park control system

More and more drivers are looking for parking every day, but… Does the transactions on your car park remain the same? We drive cars to your car park!

4ParkPRO is the solution to reach maximum profitability in your business. A new generation of parking control system that gets the maximum benefit, productivity and control of your car park. Everyday there are more and more cars looking for parking space near their destination. 4ParkPRO connect these drivers to your car park, increasing your business and making new income.

Years of experience have led us to develop a system for the parking control with great reliability, great quality and at a competitive price. This parking control system will significantly increase your productivity with the minimum added cost, being a flexible, modular and reliable system. It combines the best of our parking equipment together with the latest technology online services to attract new drivers.

We put at your disposal all the machines your car park needs, such as automatic barriers, ATMs, dispensers and ticket readers or license plate readers; running robustly and durably. They work in perfect harmony with our own parking software tools, which will allow you to make reports, check the billing and manage your car park easily and safely.


4ParkPRO is focused on improving the control and management of all kinds of car parks, in addition to increasing its business.

It is a parking system useful for both car parks that want to renovate their equipment, new car parks, operators, hotels… who want to increase their business and control.

  • Intuitive parking management.
  • Secure and reliable parking control.
  • Versatile parking system for all types of installation.
  • Adapted to online features.

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Improve parking control and management

Increase your business income

Adaptable for all type of facilities

Parking control system components

Components are adaptable according to the needs of each facility.

parking control system


Increase your income, get more customers

Digital market

Make way on the Internet with your own booking website for car parks. Customers will pay their stay in advance.


Parking access control, collections and software

Equipment & software

We adapt all the equipment to your facility: barriers, ATMs, ticket dispensers, license plate readers...


Portable collections

Parking Control POS

Use an smartphone app as a portable Point of Sale to charge your customers.


Remote parking control

Parking Monitoring system

Easily manage your car park, your customers and bookings from distance, by your mobile or computer.

Applications of 4parkPRO system

Car parks

with high and medium uses.


that manage multiple car parks.


and supermarkets.

Hardware and software

Equipment for parking access control and collection

See equipment

4ParkPRO offers all the latest technology parking equipment. You will get the perfect performance and control of your business. From the parking access control, license plate recognition, ATMs and Point of Sale, guidance system, etc.

All our equipment includes wireless technology for access and payments by smartphone.

Access and payment means

Our parking management system has different methods and parking access control, adapting to the needs of your facility.

LPR Ticket


Access by ticket associated with a license plate, obtaining an effective parking access control.


Day&Day Subscriber

For casual customers, it is possible to replace paper tickets for proximity cards. And subscribers can enter and leave the car park by this card.

License plate

Subscribers Bookings

With the license plate recognition system (ANPR), the barrier will open automatically when it detects a subscriber or booking license plate.

Long range Tag


An antenna will remotely recognize the TAG device placed in the customer's vehicle, opening the barrier.

Smartphone App

Day&Day Subscribers Bookings

Your customers will be able to check your rates and access into the car park and pay by phone. Subscribers and users with bookings can also use it as a remote to open the barrier.

Software for parking management

Our system 4ParkPRO includes all the software you will need to obtain the best parking management and control system.

It has been fully developed by i+D3, which allows us to offer a service that has evolved year after year according to the feedback of our clients and our experience. The parking management software consists of 3 modules, which will allow you to control the equipment, customers and subscribers, collection and settlement, license plates or alarms and events, among many other features.

Reliability and robustness.
Advanced technology.
software gestion de parking
Digital market

Booking website expand your business and increase your income

More and more people are looking for a space to park their car on Internet. And as the same as they book their flight or an hotel room online, they also book their parking space.

With 4ParkPRO we open you the door to this new market, having your own booking website. Thanks to it, you can get more visibility, increase the attractiveness of new customers who are looking for where to park, and above all, increase the income of your business.

Make your car park visible on Internet. Start to attract new and more customers.

Hundreds of potential customers

Evolution of number of people looking for "car parking in madrid".


Success stories

July 2017

Car park in Atocha Car park in El Prat
Visits 3.491 10.865
Bookings 464 1.104
Income 12.053,70€ 40.440,00€


Our customer’s websites

Parking Monitoring System

Control dashboard Management and control your car park remotely

Parking Monitoring System is a control dashboard focused on monitoring, supervision, management and control everything that happens in your car park. Know in real time every access and movement produced in your facility and manage your subscribers and customers.

Control each car that parked in the car park and the time it spent, check all your billing, all your next bookings that come through the website and control any incident.

Customer and subscriber management

Monitor each access

Statistics and bookings

control de parking online
Parking Control POS

Portable collection The smartphone as Point of Sale

Parking Control POS is a smartphone app that allows you to charge your customers directly from the phone, working as a portable Point of Sale.

Useful for those car parks that have large inflows and need to increase the POS at specific times; and also useful for small car parks that don’t need to make a large outlay in ATMs or traditional POS

app gestion de parking

Shops ticket validation

4ParkPRO offers different solutions for shops associated to car park can apply discounts to parking tickets.

Shops can validate the ticket in its cashier, with a ticket validator installed in the shop, or by an app.

sistema aparcamiento validador

Ticket reader

A ticket reader connected to the 4ParkPRO system and installed in the shop. It applies the ticket discount scanning it.

control aparcamiento app comercios

App for shops

The user give the parking ticket to the shop assistant, who will scan it with an app, that it connects to the system and checks if it is an active ticket, selecting the discount to apply.

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