Control and management of automated caravan parking lot

The integral solution to get the maximum potential and bene t of your caravan car park, getting more control of each access, a better security and a totally autonomous operation.

4Park Caravan is a system designed to o er the greatest comfort, both for you and your customers. Its autonomous working allows its operation 24 hours a day without staff. And our digital access means, through license plate or mobile, offer to your customers a convenient and quick way to park.

An integral system that is not just an access control. 4Park Caravan includes a booking website, to attract potential customers to park their caravans in your car park and book a space in advance.

All this controllable through an online control dashboard, in which you can manage your subscribers, monitor each access and control your bookings.

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Online bookings

4Park Caravan includes a website with which your customers can book a space for their caravan and make the payment in advance.

Total control

All accesses are made through temporary digital methods, such as license plate or mobile, controlling each vehicle and offering a comfortable system for your customers.


4Park adapts to all types of installation, according to the needs.

Open 24 hours

Allows access to online customers and subscribers during 24 hours.

Components of caravan parking system

Components are adaptable according to the needs of each facility.

control parking caravanas


Booking website

Online sales

Open your way on Internet with your own booking website. Customers will pay for their stay in advance.


LPR camera


A small camera, installed in both entrance and exit, identifies the license plate of each vehicle to allow the access.


Mobile access module


A small controller allows to open the door or barrier using the mobile phone.


Additional modules


Increase the number of access methods, through numeric keypad, proximity card, etc.




A minicomputer in charge of managing and controlling all accesses. Connected by Internet to the control dashboard.


Control dashboard

Parking Monitoring System

Easily manage your car park, customers, bookings and remote access, from your mobile or computer.


Access control for caravan parking

4Park offers digital access control, providing comfort to customers and an individual control of each vehicle. Subscribers and customers with bookings can access through license plate recognition or mobile phone, without giving them any key or card, and allowing revocation of access permission at any time.

Access by plate

Camera recognizes the license plate of the vehicle, and opens the gate or barrier.

Access by phone

Use of the mobile phone as a remote control, to access to the car park.

Optional hardware

Additional access modules

4Park has extre modules to allow access through other means, in addition of access by license plate recognition and mobile access.

Pinpad module

It allows access through a password, unique to each client.

RFID module

It allows access through a proximity card.

Button module

It allows opening the gate or barrier to exit the facility by pressing a button.

Intercom module

It allows communication via IP between you and the client.

Online sales

Booking website Expand your business and increase your revenue

4Park Caravan opens your a way to the market of sale on Internet. The system includes a web page from which your potential customers can book a space for its caravan and pay it in advance.

A website to achieve greater visibility of your business, promote your o ers and increase the uptake of new customers, increasing the income of your business.

The web allows you to offer new types of products, such as bookings for days, monthly payments, complementary services, etc.

Hundreds of potential customers

Evolution of number of people looking for "car parking in madrid".


Success stories

July 2017

Car park in Atocha Car park in El Prat
Visits 3.491 10.865
Bookings 464 1.104
Income 12.053,70€ 40.440,00€


Our customer’s websites

Parking Monitoring System

Control dashboard Remote control and management

With 4Park you will have a centralized control dashboard from which to monitor, manage and control everything that happens in your car park. Know in real time each access, and manages your customers, access means and time of stays.

Ease management

Easily manage all your subscribers' vehicles and bookings.

Access control

Check the registration of all accesses, with license plate and associated photo.


Check statistics of your business and of your booking website.

solucion parking hospital

Technical support Personal assistence

Like a vehicle, our equipment is made by mechanical and electrical parts, and custom software, which can lead to incidents in the future because use.

In i+D3 we have our own team to give technical support to any incident that may arise in the installation, with personalized assistance for each of our customers, and a team specialized in developing and constantly improving our products, systems and programs.

Our technical support will be available to give you personalized attention to any eventuality you may have.

Remote assistant

A team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email, without any intermediary.

Connected remotely to your installation to give an instant solution.

On-site assistance

Sometimes, some incidents must be resolved in the facility.

For this, we have specialized technicians with extensive experience, giving a quick and effective assistance.

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