LPR Software license plate recognition

License plate recognition software is an element of the 3LPR system. A innovative software developed by I+D3 that allows the recognition of license plates on one way or in a central server up to 8-way.

This vehicles control software for Car Park has a reliability of license plate recognition greater than 96%, has multi-shot and it has optimized different versions depending on the country in which will be used.

camara ip

Supported IP cameras


Evolving technology


More than 99% reliability

Country-optimized versions

License plates of 2 lines

Heavy vehicles

Perspective correction

Vehicles detained or moving


  • View vehicles in real time.
  • Display image, its license plate and the associated status (authorized access or not, stolen vehicle…)
  • View event images of associated cameras.
  • It allows to open the barrier automatically or manually from the software.
  • Provides access to the statistics of access by hour, day, year.
  • Reports to the system manager about driver data introduced in DB. Even image.
  • Registration of users by way, dates, hours, vehicles, limiting their access or not.
  • Enables both white list (access allowed) and black list (access not allowed).
  • Control the access for more security: license plate + associated card
  • It allows access to the configuration of the system.
  • Stores each motion picture.
  • It allows additional photography.
  • It generates reports of access.
  • Integrated with other systems (people access control, print tickets, damage control, delivery of load)
  • Centralized management
  • Alarms in local, remote, and mail

Technical specifications

Minimum requisites

  • Windows OS or Linux
  • CPU Pentium III or higher
  • 2 Gb memory

Optional applications

  • 3Park – Parking control system
  • 3Access – Access control system
  • 3PGS Location – Guidance system with video sensors with license plate recognition.
  • 3Toll – Toll management system

Product codes

  • MAT-15-SOFT-OCR1

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