Parking pedestrian access control

The pedestrian access control for car parks is a device that allows you to control who can access through pedestrian gates of your facility.

A completely modular unit that adapts to any type of carp park. It has a ticket reader + RFID, which allows access to your occasional customers by scanning their ticket. Customers who have booked a parking space, can access by scanning a QR code. And to your monthly subscribers, scanning their RFID card.

For communication, the pedestrian access control has a voice IP intercom, which can be improved by incorporating a video camera.

Additionally, the keyboard module can be incorporated, for access by a password.

  • Modular parking pedestrian access control.
  • Barcode and QR ticket reader.
  • RFID reader for subscribers.
  • Intercom with voice. Can be upgraded with video.
  • Keyboard for password access.

Advantages of pedestrian access control


Compact control

It can be easily installed on the walls adjacent to the pedestrian access doors of your car park. Both indoors and outdoors. For 24 hour operation.


Modular and adaptable

Our parking pedestrian access control is completely adaptable to the needs of your car park. Adapting the different means of access and communication.