Bollard license plate reader

The license plate recognition bollard is an element of the 3LPR system, a toll equipment designed and manufactured by I+D3 that reads the license plate of vehicles which access the toll.

It is an access control equipment, made of galvanized iron, resistant for all climate conditions. Including a red/green light for signaling, a camera for images, and infrared lighting. All makes the perfect license plate reader. It is placed close to the toll barrier.


License plate recognition day and night

This technological equipment for toll has a license plate reader camera with vision in day and night, to make an optimal license plate recognition at any time of the day and under any lighting condition.


360º Led light

Our toll system has installed a series of leds arranged in 360°, that act as traffic lights. The license plate recognition bollard is connected to the system, in such a way that when the barrier is opened, the traffic light changes from red to green.

Technical specifications


  • IP camera 720 p – day/night
  • Vari-focal optical
  • Visible light filter
  • Focus of IR LED (850nm) integrated
  • Traffic light LED superbright 360º (green/red)

Autonomous Bollard

  • Electronic controller of industrial control

Electrical characteristics

  • 110-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Consumption at 220 V 2.5 A


  • Client
  • Autonomous

Optional equipment

  • Barrier controller
  • Dual-channel magnetic loop detector
  • Recognition via LPR (3LPR embeded)
  • LED display for visualization of registration detected via

System architecture

Via client – Server

  • Requires client bollard and 3LPR Server (1 each 8-way)
  • Operating mode: the bollard sends photo to server to perform the OCR and the validation of access.

Via autonomous embedded 3LPR

  • Requires autonomous Bollard + Optional embedded 1 via 3LPR.
  • Operating mode: the pylon makes your photo, perform the OCR process locally, consultation in internal database, Access validates and authorizes the passage. Once the transaction sends it to the server.

Product codes

  • MAT-11-PIL-AUT
  • MAT-11-PIL-SEM

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