Truck access control

Truck access control is a solution that allows access to these vehicles to certain facilities and areas by license plate recognition. In the example, the system is divided into three steps:

  • Access to facilities. Upon approaching the vehicle, the barrier will open automatically if the license plate is in the database. Otherwise, the driver must press the intercom for open the barrier manually remotely.
  • Truck waiting area. Trucks wait their turn to access the scales. A LED panel displays which license plates should wait and which have permission to access into the next area. Meanwhile, a camera controls all number plates.
  • Restricted access to scales. The truck will drive to the scales once it has the necessary permission. The bollard placed on the lane allows truck access by license plate, opening the barrier only if the vehicle is authorized to access.

This case study of truck control by license plate combines two of our technological systems: 3LPR, in charge of license plate recognition of vehicles, and 3Access system, which allows configure and manage access.

Systems used