Pagaelparking: Online Parking ATM

Pagaelparking is a service that allows your customers to pay their parking stay from your own website. Without paper tickets, and installing the minimum equipment.

Only installing an automatic barrier with a LPR camera, your daily customers can access your parking. Without tickets. And a maximum access control. When a client wants to leave and end their stay, he just has to go to and enter his license plate. The total price of the stay will be indicated, and the client can pay by credit / debit card. No need for cash. Without going to any physical ATM.

This service is also compatible for car parks that have physical ATMs and traditional ticket systems. Offering to your clients an additional and comfortable mean of payment.

  • Ticketless system.
  • Online payment by credit card.
  • Comfortable payment.

Advantages of Online Parking ATM


Ticketless system

Thanks to Pagaelparking, our Online ATM for car parks, your facility can get rid of all paper tickets, cash, and physical ATMs.


Online payment

Your customers will be able to pay their parking stay from their mobile phone. Just indicating a license plate. Paying by card.