booking website for car parks

Booking website Multiply your income in a new channel

Attract new and more customers.

More and more drivers are looking for where to park their vehicle searching on Internet. And just as they buy their flight or book their hotel online, they also book a parking space.

With this module you will have your own booking website for your car park.

  • Get more visibility.
  • Increase the acquisition of new customers.
  • Increase your business income.

Your business on the digital map

If your car park is not on internet, it doesn’t exist. We put your car park on the map so potential customers can easily find it, write reviews, and then get  more and new customers.

Online subscribers, bookings, pass by hours…

Offer new types of products through the website, and expand your offer.

parking booking website


in advance

Customer pays in advance and safely with a credit card.


Stand out your car park above the others with online advertising.

web para aparcamientos


Automatic access

Combined with our hardware, customers who book online can automatically access and exit your car park. Even when it is closed!

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control lpr parking

Registered customers, your new subscribers

Each person who sign up on your website is a potential recurring customer of your car park. Send communications, promotions, reminders… to thousands of people to keep parking in your car park.

incrementar ventas parking

Sell packages of hours.

Through the website you will able to sell packages of hours. 200 hours of parking, 300 hours… paid in advance by your customers.

Generating very interesting income and charging for services in advance.

booking website for car parks


in your website

A service that will allow your daily customers to pay for their parking stay from your website. Without need physical tickets or ATMs.

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paga el parking con el movil

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