After 4 days of intense meetings and presentations, the most important parking and transportation fair, Intertraffic Amsterdam, ends today. And we already can confirm that our new parking entry and exit equipment S200 has been a success, attracting the attention of all visitors who have visited our stand.

This new technological equipment, that we have presented for the first time at the fair, is more than a ticket dispenser and reader. The parking entry and exit equipment S200 combines the best of our parking system 3Park and the best of our license plate recognition system 3LPR.


bluetooth for parkings
entry machine
license plate recognition equipment


And why it has attracted so much attention? Because it offers a lot of functionality for car parks in a very small equipment:

  • Ticket dispenser and reader. The S200 machine acts as a entry and extra equipment, including a ticket printer and ticket reader respectively.
  • LPR – License plate recognition. This car park equipment integrates a camera that can recognize the license plates of vehicles to improve access control in the parking lot.
  • Bluetooth (BLE). It integrates a Bluetooth module, allowing users to enter and exit the parking via their mobile phone with a specific app designed for the car park.
  • RFID Reader. It includes an RFID reader, which identifies proximity cards. Ideal feature for allow the access of parking subscribers.
  • Led light. It tells drivers to should wait until the barrier opens (red) and can move when it is open (green).
  • Information display. The parking entry and exit equipment includes a 5″ TFT screen to display variable information to the customers. For example, you can tell them the methods of access to the car park.

All these characteristics is united to its versatility and lower price compared to other entry and exit equipments for car parks, because it includes all the features of different machines into one.