Parking access by APP

With the parking app, your customers can use their mobile as a remote control, opening the barrier or gate. No need for tickets. And being able to pay the stay in it. No need for ATMs or physical money.

Your daily customers will be able to open the parking barrier from the app. Upon entering, a digital ticket with a time counter is created. As soon as the customer wants to leave, they can pay from their own mobile with a credic card or with a previously recharged balance.

For your subscribers or clients with a booking space, the app works as a remote control, opening of the barrier. They will have free access while their reservation or subscription is valid.

  • Barrier or gate opening by mobile.
  • Payment of the stay.
  • Access to the car park 24-hour, even if it is closed.

Advantages of the parking mobile app


Ticketless system

With the mobile app for accesses and payments in the car park, most of the equipment can be replaced. Removing paper tickets.


24-hour access

Customers will be able to enter and leave the car park even if it is closed. The app allows them to individually open the barriers and gates of the car park.