Parking guidance sensors for detection of occupied spaces

i+D3 ultrasonic sensor is designed to make easiers the parking to car park’s users, reducing the time it takes from entering to find a empty space, and decongesting the traffic that is usually generated, reducing pollution and noise.

The main advantage of this parking guidance sensor is the joining of two devices into one. The ultrasonic sensors and LED indicator are integrated in the same body, offering a more economical installation and better maintenance.

Parking sensor is installed just above each parking space, allowing to see the LED light from the parking lane.

  • LED light and ultrasonic sensor in the same device.
  • Parking sensor with high precision.
  • LED indicator with high brightness.

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Hight precision parking sensor

Our parking sensor for occupancy space detection works using ultrasonic technology. This technology offers great precision in the recognition a vehicle. A fast and reliable sensor, detecting only large items (vehicles).

The sensor instantly detects in real time any changes in the status of a space (empty or with a parked vehicle), changing the color of the LED indicator.

detector de vehiculos
detector parking

2 devices in 1: Built-in LED light

Our parking sensor stands out for integrating in the same device the ultrasonic sensors and the LED occupancy indicator.

The LED color changes between red and green depending on the status of a space (empty or occupied), allowing drivers to recognize whether a space is free at the moment. It also allows to indicate places for handicapped people with a blue light.

SPECIFICATIONS of parking guidance sensor

Detection and installation

  • Farthest Level Distance: 2m
  • Installation Height: 2m – 3m
  • Max. Distance Error: 0.1m

Enviromental conditions


  • Operating Temperature -40ºC to 80ºC


  • Operating Voltage: DC 24V.


  • Communication Method: RS485
  • Communication Distance: ≤1000m
  • Communication Rate: 4800bps

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